Attorney Cathe R. Evans Williams founded the Evans Williams Law Group, LLC (TEWLG) in June 2009 to become the change she wanted to see. The condition of the industry today is such that too many attorneys lack compassion for clients, too many clients have bad opinions of attorneys and as a result, too many attorneys are burned out and too many families go without good legal representation. Overall, TEWLG can be characterized as a law firm that is determined to make a positive difference through faith, professionalism and passion. At TEWLG, we respect and value the fact that attorneys have been given the authority and obligation to help, not hinder, and that we all must step up and do our part to create the change we want to see.

We recognize that some people have been hesitant to get legal advice to help start their business, acquire real estate or complete estate planning because they believe that such advice is cost prohibitive or they simply don't understand that good legal advice can help and no or bad legal advice can hinder.

We also recognize that some people can be counseled to rise above using the divorce courts to win at all costs, including their child's self esteem, and instead, with the proper counsel, may be able to provide a healthier parenting plan for their child in the midst of divorce that may result in available funds to pay rent, mortgage or the child's college fund instead of tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees.

At TEWLG, we truly believe that once you know better you can do better, and we take our assignment to help rather than hinder seriously. If we can't help you, we will make every effort to refer you to someone who can. We will do our part and we will ask you to do your part so that together we become the difference we want to see.