Real Estate


The Evans Williams Law Group, LLC provides legal assistance to individuals who are selling and buying real estate. The firm guides clients through the process of real estate acquisition and sales by utilizing various strategies aligned with their goals. Our Real Estate Department is staffed with highly trained individuals who focus on our clients needs.

Short Sale. In the event you choose to sell your property while in a foreclosure process, we can help you handle the legal aspects of the short sale. A short sale is when you sell your house for less than the principal balance of the existing mortgage.

If you are unsure as to what your options are, we strongly suggest that you give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified attorneys at law, to help you develop and execute your real estate objectives.

Estate Planning


Estate Planning is the planning process by which an individual or family arrange the transfer of assets in the event that an individual is unable to manage their affairs during their lifetime or in the event of death. The primary purpose of estate planning is to preserve the maximum amount of wealth for the intended beneficiaries while providing maximum flexibility prior to death. The Evans Williams Law Group, LLC will assist our clients in developing the appropriate Estate Plan or Family Plan that meets and satisfies their needs and goals.

Business Law


We serve as general counsel to various business entities. As general counsel, our firm performs services involving corporate and/or other governmentally required filings, reviews, drafts, and negotiates contracts and commitments, litigates contract matters, and monitors contract compliance and agreements. The Evans Williams Law Group, LLC also assists our clients in choosing and selecting the appropriate business entity to achieve their personal and business goals. In the event your business must petition or defend a breach of contract matter, our litigators are prepared to advocate for you.

Family Law including Divorce, Support, and Allocation of Parental Responsibilities


Divorce. There are two types of divorce cases, contested or uncontested. If the case is uncontested, it means that both parties agree in regards to all aspects of the divorce, including property division, debt payment, child support, maintenance, and allocation of parental responsibility - previously known as child custody, if applicable. However, if the divorce is a contested divorce, it means there is at least one issue that both parties cannot come to an agreement on, and therefore, needs to be addressed.

Support. Maintenance, child support, and college contribution are some of the types of support provided in family law. There are guidelines for the allocation of support.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities. If the relationship between mom and dad breaks down, the relationship between the parent and child does not have to break down. Naturally, children deserve to have a relationship with both parents. In the event the parties can’t establish an agreed upon parenting plan, the court will determine the parenting time and allocation of parental responsibilities given to each party.

Here is the link to the Illinois Department of Health Care and Family Services Child Support Estimator